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The first step toward ensuring happy and healthy babies and parents is visiting the OB-GYN.We make it our duty to help our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.-If you'd like support after a chat feel free to PM me as I can help as a peer support!-If you had an overwhelming chat, feel free to PM me as i'm a Teen Star! My aim is to help others get through the toughest of times. I'm a trained 7Cups listener and am happy to help at any time in any way that I can.It is very brave of you to chat with a listener whether it's me, or anyone else.Every baby’s journey into the loving arms of parents can be very different from his or her siblings. Despres’ understanding and extensive knowledge allows us to answer all of our patients’ questions. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.With our assistance, visiting the OB-GYN can be a pleasant experience. We help women with everything from OB, labor & delivery, to well-being gynecology needs.



When you or a family member is feeling sick, but you are not sure if you need to see your doctor or go to the hospital, call the free Nurse Health Line at (713) 338-7979 or toll-free at 1-855-577-7979.Visits to the OB-GYN can be a positive and nurturing experience. Despres is an expert in his field and has a supportive staff at his office.


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