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so would be wrong to give him lower than lazio set.resp: hardly pursued defenders or tried to intercept anything.He usually would have at least 1 shield protecting for him..he wasn't there to defend.passing: world class without doubht.


He received offers from Boca Juniors and River Plate, but chose his boyhood club Estudiantes de La Plata, of whom he is a declared fan and has made significant donations in the past to upgrade the club training facilities.Just went with some Konami values but surprise for me were the same that I was thinking in before watch the default stats.He needs a set for these years as he was probably the best player in AFA with Riquelme in 00's, may be the most influential taking off Román.Verón personally engaged then Argentine president Néstor Kirchner to kick-start the negotiations, which had been stalled by La Plata mayor Julio Alak.


Verón indicated that he may run for Estudiantes president in the future.

short explantions:[spoiler]atk: mostly just sat back in the midfield and moved around there, pretty decent at finding space around the pitch when he did venture forward.:def pretty shit..


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