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These books are the kind that stay with you after each conclusion.

I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy romance and, most especially, dogs.

I was charmed by Daniel from the get go with his flirtatious and outrageous comments, but he is also sweet, caring and loyal.

Molly is cautious, but Daniel worms his way past her walls.

I am not normally into book series, however, each book in this series reads as a standalone.

I enjoyed that Eva and Lucas were characters in this one as they were the main characters in the previous book.

For example: she finds out that Daniel borrowed a dog to try to find a way to talk to her and she is very angry and seeks revenge. I am used to Sarah Morgan's characters fighting their feelings for each other before they reach the point that they are in love.




Molly has been settling into New York City over the last couple of years since fleeing public humiliation in London. Since moving to New York, she only trusts her dalmatian, Valentine, and her friends and neighbors, Mark and Gabe.

Furthermore, I enjoyed that Daniel is the bridge from the Urban Genie trio of friends to the Bark Ranger sisters.


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