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Even without Language-Integrated Query capabilities LINQ to XML represents a significant stride forward for XML programming. Here is how you would construct the same XML tree by using LINQ to XML functional construction.

NET Framework languages that implement the LINQ pattern (for example, C#, Visual Basic, and so on.).Yet, from a development perspective, XML is still hard to work with.If you ask the average software developer to work in XML you will likely hear a heavy sigh.LINQ to XML is a language-agnostic component of the LINQ Project. Functional construction is described further in the section titled "Creating XML From Scratch." Document "free" When programming XML your primary focus is usually on XML elements and perhaps attributes.

The samples in most of this document are shown in C# for brevity. This makes sense because an XML tree, other than at the leaf level, is composed of XML elements and your primary goal when working with XML is traversing or manipulating the XML elements that make up the XML tree.The API choices for working with XML seem to be either aged and verbose such as DOM or XML specific such as XQuery or XSLT which require motivation, study, and time to master.



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