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I imagined what the train conductor would do if he walked past, god he'd love to see this... I pulled my fingers out of my wet cunt and licked them. He suddenly kneeled on the floor in front of me, pushed my legs wide open and buried his face into my pussy, I was trying not to let out a scream as his warm wet tongue plunged into my slippery hole, licking me out, frantically, tasting it all. He then pulled my hips forward onto the seat, stretched my legs wide open and plunged his big, hard cock into my tight wet cunt.

I squirmed and writhed around and held the back of his head hard so his tongue penetrated deep inside me. His hand slid over my mouth to stop me screaming which added to my pleasure.

I sat myself next to the window and put my ipod on.

I had on a white thong again, my favourite pair as they were quite tight in my crotch and felt nice when I walked.

My pussy lips would sometimes poke out from the sides too. I looked around to see if anyone was coming, but there were only a few people around, mostly sleeping or reading and none near where we were sitting.

The ticket collector appeared after 5 minutes and leaned on the seat opposite.

He was in his 60's, a bit rough looking and while he looked over my ticket, his gaze went down to my cleavage, then my bare tanned legs that was stretched over to the other side of the seat, slightly parted.This guy was just taking me, forcing his cock inside me, using me like a little whore. He rocked and thrust into me deeper with each stroke, pinning me down harder, clawing at my big tits, a finger forced into my mouth, other fingers reaching down to my ass, to the little tight rosebud never used before.


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