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3) to wish the entertainer and humanitarian a happy birthday.

Bey’s husband JAY-Z also got the crowd at the Made In America music festival on Sunday (Sept.

Freeland says he decided to share the collabs—"Josiah has his moves, I have my moves, but we tend to work with each other on the moves we feel go just right with the beat," he told us—on social media as a way to encourage other fathers to build strong relationships with their children by doing activities together.""Spending quality time with Josiah builds a relationship with him," Freehand explained to

"Listening to music was something he loves to do while dancing.

In the clip, which aired on Canal television show “Le Petit Journal,” a reporter asks the boy if he understands why extremists killed people in Paris on Friday. “They've got guns.” “They've got guns but we have flowers,” Le replies.


This film shows us how we must to face a critical situation. there are many old ones in abandonment situation and this film illustrates the necessary love for the greater ones of the family.The tape, exclusively obtained by Daily, comes just a day after Paris Hilton’s little brother refused to leave his jail cell for a court appearance. The video shows blank-eyed Hilton, 23, appearing to be in an almost psychotic state rambling in a low monotone about how badly he wants to reunite with ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon.‘I want Hunter, please make me want her more.


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    The Annals describe hordes of Vikings plundering the landscape and battling the feuding warlords who ruled Ireland.

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