Dating girl who had abortion

If you care less about her past, why not go all the way? If not then you shouldn't be taking on the task of judging her based on her sëxual past. I've had girlfriends, 'physical acquaintances' and the rest, but none of that has involved cradles. This is a strong Catholic family, and divorces, separations and second marriages (barring widowhood) are seriously frowned at.

Having an abortion previously doesn't mean she cannot have babies, unless her womb is lost. You see, it's not about myself or what I'd feel about it (Cuz hell, I'm no saint. As for her having/not having an abortion, if her ability to have children is truly a concern of yours then only way you could find out is if you find out from her DIRECTLY or if she goes to a gynecologist and is examined. Her emotions work on some bizarre domino-like order.

And even taking into consideration some sacrifices she's made for me, I'd find it difficult to forgive myself if I didn't make our union official.

However, I still have my doubts about her checkered past.

/ He Wants His Child After Telling Me To Go For An Abortion (1) (2) (3) (4) Okay. She's adventurous (sexxually), but also emotionally fragile. There's this mounting pressure on me to get married; both from parents, siblings, cousins, and even the girl herself (She hasn't been blunt per se, but I can tell from her recent talks about all her friends, roommates and colleagues getting hitched up).

I've introduced her to my older siblings, not as a "future wife" or anything, but as a girlfriend at the time (you know what I mean).

Feel free to aks her the question but not in a direct way, use other means and if youare really serious about having her as your other half, then it is better you make your feelings known. Yes, I've accepted she's not perfect; and I've found other 'corner-corner' ways to get around her moments.


And like ~Killz~ stated, if she indeed has had an abortion in the past, that doesn't mean her ability to have children has automatically gone out the window. Yes, I've accepted she's not perfect; and I've found other 'corner-corner' ways to get around her moments.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / How Can I Tell If She Has Had An Abortion Before? In our relationship though, I've been a bit conservative with 'questions' regarding her past, because I'm too careful (to a fault) in order to avoid making the people around me feel 'uncomfortable'.

(48106 Views) My Girl Blurted Out To My Friends That She's Had An Abortion Before / Can We Guys Physically Tell If A Girl Just Had Sex Recently With Another Guy? All the things she's told me about herself have been out of her own free will; because in our relationship, she's the extrovert (while I'm the opposite).

Don't just rely on hearsay as a means of trying to find answers because in the process some [if not all] of the things people may be telling you could be false. If she's honest like you portray her to be, she'll spill.


Also, her being your girlfriend doesn't mean that you should try to strong arm her into telling you. OP like inkie has rightly stated, it is better you sit her down and tell her how you feel.Not by a long shot - I admit it); but it's the disgrace and humiliation that comes with it. Aside from that, there are no other ways to find out. Little misyarns get her weeping and fighting with me!


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