Horse jumping equestrian dating olympics


The Equestria girls been talking the whole week about what to... Anna loves spending time with Christoff, but she loves spending time with her beloved pet horse more!

Frozen Elsa loves the animals and for this reason she decided to spend her summer holiday at a farm of horses. She is taking him on a ride today but first wants to give him a bath and groom him. This morning, while you were sleeping, your precious pet pony decided to leave the barn and have some fun in the mud.

The rider of Sportsman, Countryman, Mister Softee and the incomparable Philco, the finest combination of horse and rider I have seen in any equestrian discipline, from a golden era of the sport; hands like silk, the eye to judge a horse’s stride to an inch, effortlessly unhurried yet always ahead of the clock.

In his mid-70s, he was with his brother-in-law Graham Fletcher, another show jumping great. As a teenager, I remember chugging off to horse shows around the country,...

Can you somehow manage to groom and prepare all of these horses and ponies for this parad...

Lily is a professional horse rider, and she and her horse are going to train for a new super important match!Help Zoe clean up her pony partners and then create a little village dedicated to ...These little ponies have set out to travel to a neighboring town in search of adventure, but it's not going to be easy.Towering pillars have been built for miles surrounding their hometown so tha...


Every day, Fluttershy spends her time creating fabulous outfits so that she can stand out from the rest of her friends in Equestria.

Athina was just 3-years-old when her mother Christina, whose father would later marry Jackie Kennedy, was found dead in her bath tub in 1988 aged 37.


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