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Song duration was measured from the beginning of the first recorded note to the end of the last one.

Frequency measures were taken from the top of the fundamental of individual notes through visual inspection in the spectrograms.

Although field work specifically oriented to study these populations began only in early 2001, data collection dates from early March 1994, when the population of southern Rio Grande do Sul was discovered. Roos (eds.) Ornitologia e Conservação: da ciência às estratégias. Post-script (20 June 2005): Data released by the Brazilian Environment Ministry in May 2005 show 26,130 km 2 of forest were destroyed in the Amazon in , the second worse year in history.


Scytalopus iraiensis was sampled along coastal Rio Grande do Sul mainly in , with previous field work between 1998 and Specimens were collected with carbines and, after body mass and total length had been taken, were prepared as skins and deposited at the ornithological collection of the Museu de Ciências e Tecnologia of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (MCP). Previously, the federal government froze logging activities along the west belt of the BR 163 as part of a plan to curb illegal logging and deforestation.

Pace is defined as the number of notes delivered per second, and was calculated by dividing the number of counted notes per the time interval (in seconds) comprised between the beginning of the first counted note and the beginning of the last one.



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