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Stewart just never felt compelled to share her personal business.The 26-year-old previously made it clear that she doesn't think there's any wrong way to express one's self, telling about the anxiety that previously prevented her from enjoying life, is last in line to judge when anyone does make more of a pronouncement about his or her sexuality.

Because the dating website didn’t allow new users to specify their search to include a seeker status for gays looking for same-sex relationships, two gay men decided to sue the site’s owner claiming the limited, heterosexual options violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act – a California anti-discrimination law that requires businesses to provide, “full and equal accommodations” to people regardless of their sexual orientation.” As a result, not only will Christian be forced to include and accommodate homosexuals as part of their dating service, Catholic and Adventist Singles, two other Christian-oriented dating sites must also include gays in their relationship-seeking pool of dating hopefuls.The California legislature is attempting to pass a bill that threatens the state’s Christian colleges and schools with the loss of accreditation and federal funding for simply upholding distinctly Christian teachings in regards to sexual and gender identity and orientation.As the lie goes, Christian teachings constitute sexual and gender-based “discrimination” and must be stamped out.We currently have around 100,000 monthly active users and plan to hit the 1 million mark by next year, which I think is realistic.


Our product is essentially the gay version of Tinder.

Roughly 2,000 people sign up for the app every day — and Lavendr has a target of 1 million users by year’s end.


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