Queen latifah dating jeanette jenkins Janetjacksonwebcam

The jumpoff lady is named Eboni Nichols, and Eboni and Latifah have had a close friendship for a while now.

She might have been the unidentified woman in last year’s suspicious photos of Latifah in Barcelona.

She studied human kinetics at the University of Ottawa.

I empathize with Latifah, and I wonder, too, if stubbornness isn't keeping her closeted (the same sort of stubbornness that kept Whitney Houston with Bobby Brown for 14 years, each one of them plagued with speculation about them not being able to last).

In the past few years, Latifah and Jeanette were even photographed together with more frequency, and there were even reports that Latifah and Jeanette wanted to start a family together. It seems like Latifah and Jeanette have called it quits after eight years together.

Last year, the two of them even went to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s wedding, the paparazzi even got photos of Latifah and Jeanette frolicking on a yacht. Worse news: Latifah might have lined up her jumpoff before she and Jeanette were really over.

Maybe one day Latifah will come out and we can all say, "Good for her," and go on with our lives, very much in the way she has been.

*The above photo is from the US Open, just a few weeks ago.Some of her clients have included Kelly Rowland, Queen Latifah, P!



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