Ryan ross and brendon urie dating


It was a story about Pete Wentz being a vampire and Ryan Ross dating Brendon Urie and it was the best thing I’d ever read in my entire life. They took me to amazing worlds and gave me adventure and excitement, but one thing I never found in books hough were people that were like me.

I’m not kidding, I read the entire 200,000-word story in one night and searched for more to fill the void it left. I was the type of kid that would walk into a pole on the playground because my nose was buried in a book. I never once read a book published by a major publishing house that had gay characters, trans characters, Latino characters or otherwise, so imagine how excited little ten year old me was when I read a story about two guys falling in love.

It wasn’t until my Junior year of high school, after my boyfriend dumped me and my friends stopped talking to me that I found myself pulled back into the digital world of “ships” and “OTPs”.

We try not to hear what people were saying; we just want to make sure that we're excited about [what we're doing]. BE: Go look it up on You Tube, it's a really funny song. [] BE: There is one thing I want to thank you for: you kept the song titles short. It would be similar, and have a tying theme to the song, but still, we'd always forget these things. And it was so important to us that we didn't want to ruin our friendship, and luckily we decided that, musically, that's what we had to do, in order to save ourselves as friends.



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