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Unlike real estate however, it is highly unlikely such treasures will continue to be affordable in decades to come..the finite supply is continually bought-up by collectors and institutions.

They cannot lose nearly half their value in one year, like many stock market funds have done recently.

Among these “most affordable” Bibles, why do some cost more than others?

Generally, the three factors that most effect a Bible’s price are: To a lesser extent, the elaborateness of the binding will effect the price, though the age of the binding usually has only a minimal effect, if any, on the price.

Dieser Übersetzung liegt im Alten Testament der überlieferte Masoretische Text und im Neuen Testament der überlieferte griechische Text der Reformation zugrunde.


Also, should a thief break into your home, it is highly unlikely that he would think to steal an old Bible! Perhaps the best kept secret in the investment world… In addition to carefully reviewing this Antique Bible Buyer’s Guide page to familiarize your self with some of the basics of antique and rare Bibles, you will also find that a very detailed discussion of the history behind each of the various early English Bible translations, and close-up images of pages (leaves) from each one, can be found in the Ancient Rare Bible Leaves section of our website.

With kind permission of the Bible Society of Ethiopia.

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or at least had their original boards (covers) re-attached to a newer leather spine, one or more times over the centuries.

Such restoration is usually required and expected, and does not negatively effect the value of the book in any way.

And what a magnificent gift for a very special occasion, or for the “person who has everything.” Can I really afford one? For less than the cost of a good plasma television set, you could have one of these ancient treasures of Christian history in your home. Unlike the comparatively fragile Bibles printed today, usually made of super-thin “rice paper” or regular wood-pulp paper, glued together and designed for only 20 to 50 years of regular use; these ancient Bibles are made of super-strong and very thick acid-free 100% rag cotton linen sheets (like bed linens), stitched together and designed to last nearly 1,000 years.


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