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The Companies Act 2014 introduced a Constitution for Private Limited Companies (LTD) which replaced the Memorandum and Articles of Association.The Constitution allows LTD’s to trade in any legal business they desire.This is the case regardless of your residency status, or where you perform your work duties.Setting up a company in Ireland is a very exciting time, but can also be very stressful!Non-descriptive Words such as ‘services’ , ‘solutions’, ‘Ireland’, ‘International’, and ‘holdings’ don’t carry any weight in terms of distinguishing the name from other companies and are therefore discounted. A Private Limited Company is the most common form of Incorporation for people to start their business in Ireland.for more information on the different types of companies available.It should be noted that Directors have a number of legal duties and obligations imposed by the Companies Acts, other enactments and at common law.On this basis, Directors must be agree on incorporation that they understand these obligations and should therefore be a mininum of 18 years of age.


Irish-Resident Directors may use their home address as the registered office of their company is they wish.While the notion still produces the occasional smirk in this country, online dating long ago went from novelty to big business.Supposedly the biggest online revenue generator after pornography, online dating is predicted to grow from a 3 million (€243 million) business with 6.7 million users last year, to a 3 million one this year, and then 3 million by 2008, according to Jupiter Research. Animal will not only connect you to a fellow golden retriever aficionado but also allow you to post a profile of your pet.In the situation where a company has a single director, a separate Company Secretary must be appointed. The shareholders of the company must be be a mininum of 18 years of age on incorporation.


Company Bureau can act as your company secretarial mentor or become your company secretary if you require. The Authorised (Nominal) Share Capital of the company is the amount of shares a company can call upon if required.

We recommend for most companies an Authorised Share Capital of €100,000 divided into 100,000 shares of 1 Euro each.


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