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POT applies to when one’s partner continues to stimulate, or “jerk” the penis after ejaculation.

The blog “Give Me Gay Porn” writes, “What started out as a pleasurable tingle pulls a bait and switch and rapidly escalates into an unbearable wave of over-stimulation that centers on the end of your dick—and every subsequent touch leaves you a quivering, twitching mess.” After a man ejaculates, the glands in the head of the penis are very sensitive. And it seems that’s exactly what those into POT are going for.

The prostate can be located about two inches below the rectum toward the scrotum.

Inserting a finger (or more) and moving it in a “come hither” motion toward his naval can stimulate the prostate to the point of orgasm.

Sounding is a relatively under-discussed method of achieving sexual gratification. The idea is for the ring to slow the flow of blood into the erectile tissues in the penis, which is a fancy way of saying “cock rings can give you a huge, long-lasting hard-on.” When describing the sensation cock rings have on wearers, Persephone Magazine explains, “Think of it like anytime you have ever gotten your blood-pressure taken. Frotting This one is most aptly applied to the gay community.

If you run on the squeamish side, you may want to look away, because this one involves urethral insertion. If the rod is long enough, two men can actually insert the same rod into their respective urethras and… The porn site Gay Sounding has over 60 videos dedicated to sounding. You know when you are sitting there and the cuff around your arm tightens? Also known as “cock to cock” pleasure, frotting is a non-penetrative form of sexual activity among men.

His Twitter profile reads, “Professional with an interesting take on being outrageous and spontaneous.” Skeptics may be interested to know that deep sounding has the ability to stimulate the prostate, but “from the other end,” which can help deliver powerful orgasms. Websites like Man 2 Man Alliance and Frot Frat have popped up in celebration of the act, the former defining it as, “Two men going head to head, heart to heart, cock to cock.


Gay porn star Element Eclipse specializes in the act. Well, okay, not forever, but it’s rumored the first cock rings were found at ancient Greek sites. Others find it to be an enjoyable form of foreplay.

Manhood, virility, sexuality, potency, and the true essence of being male are all brought to the forefront of the mind with a large-appearing low-hanging genital package.” He goes on to list the two “results” wearing a ball stretcher will achieve.

The first reads, “It is in itself pleasurable and erotic as the sensation of the weight hanging on the balls is a great feeling (it also looks good!

Ball stretchers offer a hands-free way of doing this.

As Marelize Swart explains, ball stretchers come in two basic varieties: cuffs and parachutes.“Figging” is a name for a practice involving the use of ginger root for sexual stimulation.


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