Skin essence online dating

Pros: love this product its the one product that delivers what it promises a beautiful even tone skin and it fades blemishes.i swear by it cos I've used it for 11 years now. an you don't even have to order off the net if your not sure you can buy it in your local hair& beauty shop how good is that.

I've tried other skin products but I keep coming back to it.i haven't tried the one with extra strength yet I'll be looking out for it. it is a great product Pros: All I can say is that it works, it functions and it's real good. Cons: I've not found anything all that discouraging about it than it's price. Pros: this is wonderful i so love this product it works well an say if you have a brown face an dark neck it will even it out to match your facial tone try it u wont be disappointed. wow theres so much i want to say in so little space.

I lost my self-confidence due to the dark patches I got from other products which resulted into my face getting darker than my entire body.

Thanks to my spouse who introduced this product to me. I found it safe to use through my pregnancy and even after.


Now I have the skin I have always dreamed of silky smooth, soft, eventoned skin both on my face and body. Cons: None Pros: I just wanted to thank you clear essence you save my life i will use your platinum line for ever please don't stop i had hyperpigmentation on my face neck and back this product gave me a yellow complexion now it matches with the rest of my body thank you clear essence love you...Cons: the onion galicky smell & sometimes I can't tell the original from the fake. I also like the fact that I didn't have to wait a long time to see result.


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