Teen dating violence in europe

Where such communities have endemic violence, aggressive behaviour can be seen as both a social norm and a necessary response for self-protection.Such factors contribute to young people accessing weapons for self-protection, and joining gangs where violence can be legitimised and even promoted.As well as youth violence prevention, early interventions can have long-term benefits in reducing other forms of risk taking in young people such as alcohol abuse, tobacco and drug use and unsafe sex and can enhance their educational and employment outcomes.Such programmes can be highly cost effective; returning health, social and criminal justice related savings well in excess of programme costs (Aos et al, 2004).


How young people cope with these challenges depends on the strength of their social and emotional skills, the family and social support they have around them and the cultural and social norms they have learned during childhood.With much youth violence occurring in and around drinking venues, including pubs, bars and nightclubs, measures to promote responsible server practice (e.g.



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