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This website has two listings of musicians of the great Boston Symphony Orchestra: - A listing of all the Musicians of the Boston Symphony from its creation in 1881 until today.This list includes the names, location and date of birth and death, instruments, positions and dates of service of all known full-time Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians.Please have a look at this listing, and any corrections or updates to this are welcome by contacting me, at the link below.Also, the Boston Symphony Orchestra has descriptions and photographs of all the current Orchestra musicians on its excellent website.



A Georg Henschel Story: George Henschel was a good friend of Johannes Brahms, but was terrified by Brahms' loud and unmusical snoring and wrote: " We retired to No. His family was not musical, yet he showed an early musical aptitude.

To go to this list of all BSO musicians, click: Boston Symphony Orchestra Musicians List - A listing of the covering the Principal, or first chair musicians, with short biographical notes and photographs.

This listing is the subject of this webpage, shown below.

In Boston, Henschel was praised for his ambitious programs, but less so regarding the discipline and consistency of the orchestral playing.

In 1884, after three seasons in Boston, Georg Henschel returned to London to become Professor of singing at the Royal College of Music 1886-1888.It had been Henry Lee Higginson's idea for some time to create a symphony orchestra in Boston which would reach the level of the great orchestras of Europe. Higginson organized the Boston Symphony Orchestra Association in 1880, facilitated by his guarantee of the orchestra finances.



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