Updating dog microchip information amanda mccauley dating

When an animal is found and taken to a shelter or veterinary clinic, one of the first things they do is scan the animal for a microchip.

If they find a microchip, and if the microchip registry has accurate information, they can quickly find the animal's owner. A study of more than 7,700 stray animals at animal shelters showed that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.9% of the time, whereas microchipped dogs were returned to their owners 52.2% of the time.

Although the present technology microchip itself does not contain your pet's medical information, some microchip registration databases will allow you to store that information in the database for quick reference.

Some microchips used in research laboratories and for microchipping some livestock and horses also transmit information about the animal's body temperature. The information you provide to the manufacturer's microchip registry will be used to contact you in the event your pet is found and their microchip is scanned.

No surgery or anesthesia is required—a microchip can be implanted during a routine veterinary office visit.

If your pet is already under anesthesia for a procedure, such as neutering or spaying, the microchip can often be implanted while they're still under anesthesia.


It is no more painful than a typical injection, although the needle is slightly larger than those used for injection.

Microchips show up on radiographs (x-rays), so that's another way to look for one. Most veterinary clinics keep microchips on hand; so, it is likely that your pet can be implanted with a microchip the same day as your appointment.



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