Van gogh museum amsterdam online dating

They are there too, of course, to feast on the morsels of a life hampered by mental illness and eventually snuffed out by suicide.”Van Gogh has a celebrity status that far surpasses any other well-known artist,” says Axel Rüger, the museum’s Director. He painted ordinary things that people can relate to.



The project has cost an estimated £200,000 so far but Schut isn’t stopping here.Collectively, these things endlessly fascinate.”Schut’s creation, the Van Gogh Mile, invites us to peer inside the last tumultuous decade of the artist’s life.The 900 letters that Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo during that time provide a loose manuscript.’ Those who knew among her 30,000 followers enlightened her. In the end, permission had to be asked of 242 residents, shops and organisations.

Essentially an artistic treasure hunt, the Mile is a brilliant appetiser to The Hermitage’s main course where 75 of the artist’s most famous works will be on display until April 25th 2013.

Earlier this year, Schut was commissioned to create something that would help guide visitors on foot from The Van Gogh Museum, which closed at the end of September for seven months of renovations, to the collection’s temporary home at The Hermitage Amsterdam.


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