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What are the most popular online video websites in China?



The site provides countless video contents such as high quality movies, TV shows, self-produced dramas, variety shows, music TV and cartoons. 乐视网 Hailed as China’s Hulu, owns more than 100,000 episodes of TV series and more than 5,000 films. Its HD & smooth video content is the best of all China’s video sites. 新浪视频 It’s owned by Sina, a leading Internet media company serving China.

M1905 is the most complete and authoritative site about Chinese movies. com 腾讯视频 QQ video is a channel of, which is the most popular instant messenger in China and has hundreds of million active users.


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    This is how you set it up: Android A quick search on Google Play throws up several webcam applications. You can select the Flash option (doesn't work on all computers) or open the same URL in VLC Media Player. To do this, first download and install VLC from this website.

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